Yahoo needs to get a life

I just spent several minutes — again — trying to join a Yahoo list-serve group of writers. Of course I couldn’t remember what my Yahoo password or user name was, and Yahoo won’t tell you unless you go through a maze. To become a member of Yahoo, or to find out what password you have stored with them, if any, you not only have to give them your name, address, birth date, and zip code — I’m surprised they don’t ask for your blood type — you also have to copy some stupid letters that have been put on their sides or slashed with diagonal lines. If you don’t copy them correctly, you can’t join the club. I have NEVER got those things right the first time. And if you get them wrong, they don’t let you have another try with the same old letters, they give you a new set. So after squinting awhile and trying to figure out if that diagonal slash next to a letter is something I’m supposed to copy or if it’s just there to confuse me, and if that funny little capped thing is supposed to be a lower-case r or the funny little capped thing above the 6 on my keyboard, I try again and still get it wrong. Three tries, and I’m out. I don’t have time for this. If Yahoo could give me one good reason for testing a person’s eyesight and/or patience for inanity before they’ll let you in one of their discussion groups, I might go back again.

Any Yahoo employees out there who’d like to explain the reasoning behind that stupid exercise?


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