General Pace and the President of Iran

General Pace, whose job is to send men out to kill other men, told Congress that he will allow homosexual men in the military, but his religious “upbringing” makes him believe they are immoral. Apparently his upbringing substituted “thou shalt not love” for “thou shalt not kill.”

Pace would probably be much happier in Iran, where, according to their president, homosexuality does not exist. He doesn’t believe the holocaust existed either. His religious “upbringing” forbids him to believe it. Like Pace, he believes in killing as many of the enemy as he can send other men to do. For each man, the enemy is anybody who has a different religious upbringing than his own.

When I think about the minds of either of those two men, it makes me feel horribly sad, as if crows are swirling around my head. But then I’m one of those idiotic women who believe in love instead of hate.


One thought on “General Pace and the President of Iran

  1. I’m sorry, I just can’t understand how these conservatives can say being born a certain way is somehow immoral. I was born with blue eyes; sure hope they don’t come after me next!

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