New Friends

One of the neatest things about being a writer who’s “out there” — on a website and a blog and MySpace and writing guest columns for publications like Catnip Chronicles and is that I meet a lot of wonderful people who share parts of their lives with me.

Like Bonny Conway, who sent me several great words I’d never heard after my column ran about the word “numinous” on DearReader. Words like inkhorn, and Cloud Cuckoo Land. I had to look them up, and I’m sure I’ll use Cloud Cuckoo Land in some future book. She also sent some funny limericks, and then a delightful poem. I talked her into letting me share it with the world, and here it is. Thanks, Bonny!

The Jelly Maker
Purple grapes sweeten
under honeyed autumn skies
in country orchards
at harvest time
the jelly maker envisions
ancient grapevines
in the garden of Babylon
wonders if grapes taste exotic
grown near soil of pomegranate,
fig and quince
watered by the Tigris River
writes on his jelly jars
“Spoon With Care
Dreams Inside

-Bonny Conway © 2007


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