Love For Pets

I’ve been thinking about love a lot lately. Wondering if I have loved enough, if I have accepted love enough. Wondering if I put conditions on love, or if I’m open to it.

Ernest Holmes wrote that “He who loves the most has the fullest life.” We all know people who demonstrate that, people who seem to overflow with love to everybody they meet. They are inevitably people whose lives and relationships are joyful. We also know people whose capacity for love seems to have curdled. They don’t trust anybody, and the circle of people they can tolerate grows smaller by the day. There is no joy in their lives or their relationships.

There is an ancient story about Krishna, the Hindu avatar, in which many love-besotted young milkmaids crept out of their beds one night to dance with him. Each woman believed herself to be alone with him, when in fact he was dancing with all of them.
The first time I read that story, it seemed so trivial that I couldn’t imagine why it had survived for centuries. It took several readings to get the point: love is Love. Love of any kind puts one in touch with the divine.

So does love for pets. I’m on the mailing list of Angel Animals and every time I read one of their accounts of the transcendent love between humans and their pets, I think of that Krishna story and its message. Surely every person who loves a pet has been in touch with Love.

As Holmes said, “He who loves the most has the fullest life.”


One thought on “Love For Pets

  1. I am so blessed to be surrounded by love; from my partner, my cats, and my family of friends. It wasn’t always this way, but as I have allowed myself to connect with the love inside me, such has been the result.


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