Lost Love

Poet Bonny Conway sent this poem after reading my blog about the death of a relationship. She’s an insightful woman. The poem speaks of getting caught up in false words, something most of us have done. Bonny writes with a poet’s sensitivity and a woman’s realism. She’ll soon have a book of her poems ready for release. I’ll let you know when it’s out.

You are the poem
that pulled the words over my eyes
the one I hid from those who judge
I wrote you beneath my skin
reading you in the dark
where you shine through me
I move across you
sinking into dangerous metaphors
catching my breath between lines
before you tempt me
with mysteries of smoke and shadows
I’ll offer you up to the rains

© Bonny Conway, 2007


2 thoughts on “Lost Love

  1. Your blog is a welcome surprise and I will return to read it often. Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues is not only entertaining but insightful — the progression of “Dixie” out of her grief and the development or non-development of other characters is excellent entertainment. Some of my friends and I think that the Dixie Hemingway series would be a terrific and entertaining TV show as television writing now is so awful and boring. We also think that someone smart and perky like Ashley Judd would make a great “Dixie.” What do you think about that possibility?
    I will look forward to your next book, again, and to Bonny Conway’s as well.

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