Frankie Boyer Show

In my next life, I’m not only going to ask for great hair, I’m also going to ask for a melodious voice. A warm, syrupy, musical voice that could recite the alphabet or read the phone book and entrance listeners. I forgot to do that when I came this time, so I got a Texas twang flavored with a bit of my mother’s Georgia-peach. I have to watch myself or I’ll call strangers “Darlin’.” To tell the truth, I slip a lot because deep down I don’t really think that’s such a bad thing to do.

Yesterday, Dec. 28, I was a guest on Frankie Boyer’s radio show from Boston. Frankie was charming and enthusiastic about EVEN CAT SITTERS GET THE BLUES, which will be in bookstores Jan. 8. That was good. But my Texas-Georgia accent was thick as molasses, and after the show was over I spent a few minutes wishing I had a newscaster’s voice, the kind without any trace of regional accent. That only lasted a little while before I decided I sound like who I am, which is just fine. I did manage not to call Frankie Boyer “Darlin’,” but she probably wouldn’t have minded.

With a bit of maneuvering on her site, you can hear the interview by going to

Choose “Archives/podcasts,” which will give you a page of radio hosts. Click on “The Frankie Boyer Show,” which takes you to her schedule. Then choose “12/28/07 Hour 1” for the podcast with me. (You’ll first hear Frankie do a mattress commercial, then I’m on.)


3 thoughts on “Frankie Boyer Show

  1. Check out PBS’s “Do You Speak American?” a wonderful exploration of the wonderful diversity of American accents. Our culture is enriched by the variety. (Of course, as an “honorary Texan,” I may be a bit prejudiced).

  2. I’ve always wanted one of those sweet, dark coffee voices like my dear friend, Mary Helsaple. I could listen to her yack for hours without my saying a word, and that’s saying a lot since I’m an avid conversationalist myself. 🙂

    Happy New Year!


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