New Year’s Resolutions

I made New Year’s resolutions this morning. Wrote them down in the journal I write in every day before I get out of bed. I had expected to write the usual: lose 10 pounds, get more disciplined, get more organized. But when I started writing, my brain wouldn’t let me list any of those things. I guess it knew from experience that I wouldn’t follow through. So instead of writing what I’d intended, I found myself writing things I have a better chance of doing — to love more, laugh more, enjoy more.

That’s my hope for each of you, too. That whether or not you lose your 10 pounds or get more organized, or whatever it is you think you should do, that you love more, laugh more, and enjoy life more.

Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. It’s amazing how many times getting in shape sits on the top of someone’s list of New Year resolutions. It’s on my list for this year too. Have a wonderful and fulfilling New Year!

  2. Every year, I’ve created a comprehensive list of goals for each area of my life, along with progress charts. (OCD, anyone?) Naturally, by the end of the year, I was behind in most of the stuff.

    This year, I said ‘screw it’ and just listed a few important things under Tasks on my PDA. We’ll see how it goes.

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