Guest Blogging

When I first started blogging, I didn’t much expect anybody to read what I wrote. To tell the truth, I sort of liked the idea that I was just writing to get thoughts out of my own head, slinging them out into the ether so I could get on with other things. I was surprised when I got comments from people I’d never met, and emails from people who knew me. My goodness, somebody besides me was reading this stuff!

Now I’m dipping my toes into guest blogging. Today I’m a guest blogger on, which is St. Martin’s Minotaur’s blog. That’s pretty cool, to be a guest blogger. Maybe one day everybody in the world will have a blog, and we’ll all just do guest spots on each other’s sites. Anyway, check out St. Martin’s blog, and see what you think.


3 thoughts on “Guest Blogging

  1. Just wait, you’ll be guest blogging all over the place!
    I’m reading your first book now… your description of a feline greeting got the dreaded snorting the coffee out the nose as I laughed!

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