Writer’s Poem

Writers are such generous souls. They share information about agents, editors, publishing houses, contracts, and all the other things we need to know for professional survival. They also give unlimited encouragement and support to one another because they know better than anybody else that writing is an act of controlled insanity that must be promoted to keep the world from falling into uncontrolled insanity.

Poet Bonny Conway sent me a poem of respect for the imagination and process of writing. In just a few words, she’s captured the essence of what each of us hopes to do, what we always fall short of doing as well as we’d like, and what we persist in trying to reach as our ideal.

It was Bonny’s gift to me, and now it’s my gift to you.…

If you look inside your heart
it’s paved with ink
as you pick up your pen
words begin to flow
write me a story of golden sea silk
secreted from the pen shell
spun into gloves so delicate
they can be folded away in a walnut shell
make it a romance
write of fairy castles in Cappadoccia
of Roman emperors bathing in the Blue Grotto
how ancients believed the Ten Commandments
were written on a Sapphire tablet
explain opening the crown Chakra
tell about beautiful maidens
sacrificed on top of Macchu Picchu
spider webs from Giant Orb spiders
being used as fishing nets
maybe this one could be a mystery
sitting at your desk inventing characters
blind us with mnemonics, minutia and murder
sip your green tea, thicken the plots with intrigue
while your wizard heart clogged with vocabulary
waits to be edited for publication

©Bonny Conway, 2-6-08


One thought on “Writer’s Poem

  1. that is wonderful. i love to write, and have only just started sharing my works. i hope to find some of the contacts you speak of in order to realize my dream of being published.

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