Even Cat Sitters on DearReader.com

Even Cat Sitters Get the Bluess, the third book in The Dixie Hemingway Mystery Series, is this week’s read on the Mystery Book Club of DearReader.com, so if you’d like to sample it, this is the best way.

DearReader.com offers up an excerpt of a new book every week, each day a chunk big enough to enjoy reading, but not so long that you waste time on it. If you like what you read and want to read the whole book, you can reserve it online at your local library, or you can rush right down to your favorite book store and purchase it. In either case, it’s a wonderful way for readers to get to know writers, and a wonderful way for writers to make new friends.

My contact information is on the DearReader column, and I’ve already received several emails from people who woke up this morning and went to DearReader the same way I do, to get Suzanne Beecher’s daily column that accompanies the book excerpts. She’s worth reading even if you skip the book excerpts, which I did this morning. It wasn’t until I got some emails that I realized my book was the book of the week. Talk about clueless!

My excuse is that I’m brain dead from the trip to Sleuthfest. It was exhilarating, productive, interesting, and exhausting, in equal measures. So now back to the real world, with Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues splashed all over the place on DearReader.com. When I’m rich and famous β€” and God knows that can’t happen too soon to suit me β€” I’m going to treat Suzanne Beecher of DearReader.com to her most favorite fantasy place because she’s such a great friend of book lovers and book writers.


2 thoughts on “Even Cat Sitters on DearReader.com

  1. We just finished reading the new book (actually, _I_ read it to my partner) and we found it very good.

    I really think you have found your stride with this series. The first book was very cozy, while the second book made several of our friends twitch. Killing people is just fine with mystery readers, but breaking the legs of a kitten is upsetting. πŸ˜›

    The newest book sets a very good balance between cute and cruel. I was very pleased that I guessed the avian flu link before it was revealed, because it was a matter of my knowledge + your clues. I love deducing!

    I note that you sort of blend your Siesta Key vs. Sarasota activity, which is pretty cool. My parents live in Tarpon Springs and occasionally I drive down to Sarasota. I must confess I’d like to find the bar Dixie frequents!

    Sarah G

  2. I’m with SarahG on the twitch factor of the second book. I can never read about anything bad happening to a dog or cat without feeling ill…I love your writing so much I read on and enjoyed the rest of the book, but oh, that part upset me.

    I really love your writing style and am glad to find out the third won’t make me twitch! πŸ™‚

    And a little bacon never hurt anyone! πŸ™‚

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