Jungle Red Writers

One of the highlights of Sleuthfest this year was getting to meet Rosemary Harris, author of the delightful Pushing Up Dasies. Several reviewers have linked Rosemary and me, saying we are “redefining cozies,” so we were on the lookout for each other. She’s a fascinating woman and I wish we’d had more time together. As it was, we had dinner, yakked and laughed, and discovered that we both loved the Roches β€” sister singers Maggie, Terre and Suzzy.

Ro is one of five mystery writers β€” the others are Roberta Isleib, Jan Brogan, Phillippi Ryan, and Hallie Ephron β€” who make up the Jungle Red Writers. If you haven’t discovered Jungle Red Writers yet, their blog is well worth the trip. Anyway, Ro invited me to guest blog today, so there I am, over at Jungle Red Writers, whining about my inner critic. You’re invited to read, comment, and any other bloggy thing you’d like to do.


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