The drama that’s gonna happen…

In a conversation this morning with an Alltel representative, she said, “Now this is the drama that’s gonna happen.…” Then she told me in exact detail that my bill would be inaccurate for two more billing cycles, that it would continue to show a charge for a piece of equipment that was never received or ordered, and that I would begin to get calls saying I owed the money and that my phone service might be disconnected. Or, she said, I could pay the $53.00 charge and wait through two billing cycles for credit to show up on my bill.

I found that very refreshing. She didn’t pretend that the charge was accurate. She didn’t make excuses for some other person’s incompetence in putting it there. She didn’t try to convince me that what was going to happen was in any way fair or just or logical, she just told me the facts, with a full comprehension that the facts were going to make smoke come out of my ears. I was so shocked at her level honesty that I laughed, and we ended up giggling together at how idiotic the world has become.

“Now this is the drama that’s gonna happen.…” Wow, what a world of wisdom is in that phrase! It tells you there’s no sense in fighting it, and that there’s no way you can win no matter how stupid it is. It is how it is, and that’s that.

I love it. I may put it on a poster and frame it. “Now this is the drama that’s gonna happen.…” That Alltel woman has become my new role model.


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