Mysteries I don’t understand:

Barack Obama had a white mother and a black father, so he’s 50% white, 50% black. Why is he always described as black? His father was from Africa, but his mother was from Kansas, so why is he called an African-American rather than a Kansas-American?

And why do we only label certain people by their ancestry? You can be a mix of every nationality in the world and be called white. But if you have a drop of Latin American blood, you’re labeled Hispanic-American no matter how many generations your family has lived in the U.S. and no matter how many Caucasian relatives you have. Why is that?

Why are kids who make A’s and people who accomplish a lot labeled “over-achievers”? The term implies that somebody has achieved more than they are capable of, but if they did it, they’re capable of it.

Why is it that telephone companies have automated answering services guaranteed to make smoke come out of your ears? They’re communications companies, for Pete’s sake! Why aren’t they better at facilitating communication?

Why haven’t more women boycotted pants made to ride low on the hipbone? Only women with concave tummies look good in them, so why do women with cupcake-top tummies buy them?

Why do dental hygienists and people who slice your turkey at the supermarket put on rubber gloves before they adjust their equipment, open packages, etc. If the gloves are to protect us from bacteria, shouldn’t they do all that other stuff first and put on the gloves just before they stick their fingers in our mouths or handle our food?

Why is V.C. Andrews still writing new books when she’s been dead over twenty years? Isn’t that a conflict of interest or something?


5 thoughts on “Mysteries I don’t understand:

  1. This is America, and everything is seen in black and white. Even with other races… if someone comes from cuba, they either mold with the black people or the white people. In slave days you were either seen as black or white, if you had one fifth blood, you were black. And when you look at Barak, do you see a mixed man, or do you see a black man?

  2. Low rider jeans look better than the ones that reach the natural waist, thus mashing your cupcake top belly into a disturbing capital B-shape.

    The key is, if you have a belly, make sure you wear a non-clingy top that is long enough to cover all of the bases, and for crying out loud, wear shoes with a heel!

  3. Well, Barack Obama self-identifies as a black man, which is good enough for me. He doesn’t have to be any blacker or any whiter to have my vote in the bag.

    When you get down to it, aren’t we all just mutts of mostly unknown origin? The secret is, what ever you consider your personal cultural heritage, embrace the whole human race like long lost family. That is what we all are to each other anyway.

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