Schizophrenia R US

Schizophrenia is usually mistakenly described as two personalities in one body. It’s really a loss of contact with reality, a skewing of perception in which benign things may appear dangerous and dangerous things may appear safe. More and more, it seems to me that the health of Americans is under the control of an agency hopelessly schizophrenic.

In a TV commercial for some prescribed women’s drug — I don’t remember its name, they all sound pretty much the same — attractive women clutching sheets to their bosoms stand in various poses, somewhat as if they are just about to step into a soothing spa. The women are smiling gently, while a woman’s lilting over-voice describes a raft of life-threatening possibilities that women face if they take the drug, and then goes on to urge women to take it. If you only listen to the voice, you’ll realize any woman would be a complete idiot to take that drug. If you only look at the women in the sheets, you’re liable to want to take it so you too will be so lovely and serene. The ad is schizophrenia in action.

The drug in question, and too many others like it, is approved by the FDA, which is supposed to be the people’s health watchdog. Somewhere along the way, however, the FDA has become the watchdog of the pharmaceutical companies, and it zealously protects their interests.

For decades, the FDA approved conjugated hormones extracted from equine urine as hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women. The approval came in the face of numerous independent studies over a period of 30 years that consistently found that conjugated hormones cause cancer. At the same time, other studies showed that bio-identical hormones prevented cancer. In one study, natural hormones were even found to eliminate metastasized breast cancer. The study was so conclusive that an editorial in the JAMA asked if physicians were guilty of malpractice if they did not administer the hormone to cancer patients. Pharmaceutical companies howled in outrage and threatened to pull their advertising, and the JAMA backed off.

When pharmaceutical companies were no longer able to cover up the studies that detailed just how dangerous conjugated hormones are, the media avidly jumped on the story as if the reports were new, and the other side — the safe, bio-identical side — of the HRT issue was never reported.

The latest FDA insanity is to make individually compounded bio-identical hormones completely unavailable to women. Under the direction of the pharmaceutical companies who fear that women will prefer safe compounded hormones to cancer-causing conjugated hormones, the FDA claims that safe is dangerous and dangerous is safe. That’s schizophrenic.

Some people say the FBI has turned into a renegade agency with no firm controls. Others say it has simply gone along with other governmental offices and become increasingly corrupt. All that may be true, but to me it just looks schizophrenic. It needs a good shrink, and if women allow it to put our health at risk, so do we.


2 thoughts on “Schizophrenia R US

  1. Quick, before they are gone, send me more information on the bio-identical hormones! . . .and perhaps we should organize a letter-writing campaign, or demonstrate, or something??

  2. The side-effects far outweigh the benefits in some cases. The birth control pill, for instance, has been around as long as I can remember. However, this past January, we almost lost our 30 year-old daughter to blood clots in her leg and in both lungs. Both of which were missed at the med station she went to because the first heard she was a runner and the pain was probably due to over-exersion.
    The next time you hear a commercial for BCP’s listen for the .5 second blurb on may cause blood clots.

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