Cat Fancy Magazine

We have a hurricane on the way, but I’m more excited that my last book, EVEN CAT SITTERS GET THE BLUES, is featured in the October issue of Cat Fancy Magazine as the Cat Book Club feature. There’s also an interview with me at

As to the hurricane, as I write this I’m listening to the neighborhood sound of electric saws cutting plywood to fit windows. All the hurricane experts say plywood won’t do diddly to protect glass against stuff zooming into it, but people do it anyway. It’s like boiling water when a baby is being born at home. It probably doesn’t actually get used for anything, but it feels right to do it. When a hurricane is coming, we also rush out and buy up all the bread and milk in the markets, along with canned tuna and peanut butter.

After riding out a lot of hurricanes in Texas and Florida, I tend to take a more sanguine approach. Or maybe it’s just more fatalistic. I used to feel confident that if the worst happened, my insurance company would cover the cost of replacing lost property, or that I could get help from FEMA. After seeing what happened to all the people who suffered calamities in the hurricanes of the last few seasons, I don’t have that confidence any more. Now, my philosophy is that if a hurricane takes your roof off, you’re pretty much screwed no matter how much peanut butter you’ve stocked up.

Not that I don’t get extra batteries and water, or that I don’t dig out the battery-operated radio or plan where I’ll cower as the winds howl past. But I focus now on what’s most important to save. Mainly I make backups of manuscripts in progress so I can drop my zip-thing in my pocket in case it looks like my office might get blown away. And, in this case, I contact all my friends and relatives about the online interview. Just in case I’m blown away before they know about it.

So did I tell you, it’s at


One thought on “Cat Fancy Magazine

  1. Blaize! I am so glad I checked in on your blog, it’s been a couple months since I stopped by. How cool to go check out the Cat Fancy site and see you and WINSTON! πŸ™‚

    Linked it to my blog as well — hope you are doing well! I have had you on my list of people to contact for months now, I keep meaning to ask if you need more images from our session for your website. Would be happy to forward them to you if you do :).

    Take care —

    Heather πŸ™‚

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