Writer’s Daze

It’s just amazing how much can happen that you don’t know about when you’re in a semi-conscious state writing a novel. I don’t know if other writers become as word-smacked as I do when I’m deep into a story, but it takes a major explosion to get my attention. I go around muttering dialogue to myself, I stop in the midst of cooking or dressing and stare into space while I imagine scenes, I sleep with part of my brain playing leapfrog with sentences I’ve written that day. Basically, I’m a mess.

When I finally finish the thing, or at least get it into a workable draft, I look around and discover wondrous things have happened during my mental absence. In the last few days, I’ve found a terrific article about me and Clea Simon on Oline Cogdill’s Sun-Sentinel blog. It was written a couple of months ago, and I never knew about it. Oline is one of the few honest-to-god great newspaper mystery critics remaining, and it’s an honor to have her say good things about my work. Then, just today, I learned that Lesa Holstine, a highly respected online mystery critic, has been running a contest on her blog in which an ARC of my third book, Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues, was a prize. I feel a little bit like I’ve been asleep while a party was being held in my honor.

Many thanks to both Oline and to Lesa.


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Daze

  1. And I certainly am enjoying that free book I won in the contest Lesa Holstine ran! How ironic that it went to someone in the same town!

    Sandie Herron

  2. I really enjoyed all 4 of your books about Dixie Hemmingway. Fortunately, when I discovered your work, all 4 of your books were available, and I read them one after another in 4 days.

    Just one comment about your book, Even Cat Sitters Get The Blues. You refer to a “new female DA”. If no one has mentioned it yet, Florida does not have District Attorneys. Here we have Judicial Circuits, which include State’s Attorneys, Judiciary and Public Defender. So the correct reference should have been “a new female SA”.

    Keep writing; your books are great!!

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