Woo-woo Mysteries

This is one of those woo-woo stories. I lost a ring several months ago. Not an expensive ring, but an ivory and gold domed thing that I’d had for a long time and loved. I was getting dressed when I lost it, which was weird enough. I had laid it on the dressing table with my watch and a bracelet to put on after everything else was on. I didn’t leave the room. Nobody else was in the room. No cat or dog was in the room. The stuff was lying there, I pulled on my clothes and turned to put them on and the ring was gone. Logic said it had fallen on the floor, but my bathroom floor is blue tile and a white ring would show up easily and it wasn’t there. Next logic said I had actually replaced it where it usually lived, but it wasn’t there either. None of the logical explanations turned it up, and I finally had to accept the fact that it was flat gone.

Anytime I lose something that is meaningful to me, I always make an announcement to the All that the thing belongs to me, is imbued with my energy, and therefore has to come back to me. I know that sounds nuts, but it works every time. In this case, though, the ring stayed gone, and as months passed I actually forgot about it. Now here’s the woo-woo part: this afternoon I noticed a white something on my living room floor. Not in an out-of-the-way spot or a corner, but right where people walk and the vacuum rolls, where things are obvious. You already know what it was, don’t you? Yep, it was my ivory ring. Right there in the middle of the floor, all by itself.

There is no logical explanation for how that ring got there, but there it was. It wasn’t dirty or scratched, but looked exactly the way it always looked. I put it back where it had always lived, and I didn’t even try to imagine what forces had conspired to take it and return it. I don’t know if there’s some hidden meaning in the whole thing. It’s just another one of those things that everybody in the world experiences now and then, the kind of thing that makes us realize that our level of understanding of life’s mysteries is probably less than that of a small ant.


One thought on “Woo-woo Mysteries

  1. It is a strange world indeed. There is a children’s book series about _The Borrowers_, little people who take our lost little objects to furnish their homes. Maybe they needed it for something. My first boss after college used to say that papers liked to hide, as we’d look through files several times before finding a missing document, right where we’d already looked five times. Just be sure to be grateful for its return, and perhaps it will stay for a while. 😉

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