Love in the Time of Calumny

While everybody else in the world is focused on all the stuff keeping newscasters employed, my family is focused on three weddings. Jesse and Heather tied the knot (literally) on August 29. Travis and Stephanie will be married on October 18, and Kim and Jason on November 1. It isn’t that we don’t know about the economic meltdown, or that we aren’t experiencing the same job losses and money losses as everybody else, it’s just that we’ll worry about it later. Or not. For the moment, my family is a lot more concerned with wedding plans, bridal showers, guest lists, hotel reservations, and who’s going to pick up whom at which airport on which day. Later, we’ll get around to stewing about the fact that each of us now owes $450,000 to somebody — nobody knows exactly who — because of the $700 billion bailout of financial markets. Or maybe we won’t. Maybe we’ll just keep feeling happy because young people have the courage to love and make commitments and get married in spite of all the idiocy in the world. Maybe we’ll make whatever adjustments we have to make and just concentrate on the good that we have. If we can do that, each of us will still owe $450,000 to those mystery creditors, but we won’t be poor.


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