Palin is a Terrorist

A lot of people excuse Sarah Palin’s ignorance because she’s so cute and gosh-darned spunky, but when she crosses the line of political rhetoric and spouts rabble-rousing garbage to crowds who want desperately to believe her, she becomes a terrorist. Inciting people to rise up and yell, “Kill Obama!” makes Palin exactly the same as a radical Islamic teacher in a Pakistani maddrassa inciting ignorant young men to kill all Americans. The fact that she has not denounced calls to assassinate a political rival is not only disgusting, it’s scary. We do not need any more blood-thirsty politicians. We certainly don’t need a woman who whips racist crowds into mob violence.


3 thoughts on “Palin is a Terrorist

  1. I completely agree with you and I wonder why the MSM isn’t taking this very stand that you have? I now see these guys as hypocrites only concerned with ratings and doing all they can to insight drama.

  2. Amen, sister!

    Palin really scares me, as do their (Palin and McCain’s) racist followers who want to kill Obama. When (ok, if) he wins, how long will Obama last before someone really DOES try to kill him because he’s black and they are crazy?

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