Proud to be an American

On every Election Day, I’m always proud to be an American, but never more than this year.

Our nation was first an idea held by philosophers and poets, a dream of a democracy that didn’t exist anywhere else in the world. Our laws and our standards were discussed, debated, argued over, and compromised on until they met the ideals of our founders. Brave men who passionately believed in every man’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have died to keep those ideals alive. Brave women who passionately believed they had the same right kept the ideals alive in spite of beatings, imprisonment, and the jeers of crude men who opposed their right to vote. African American men and women kept the ideals alive even though they were beaten, imprisoned, hanged, tortured and killed by people who opposed their right to equality.

The dream of democracy was established by the vision of our founders. It has survived because extraordinarily courageous men and women refused to let the dream die. We will always have to fight to preserve the dream of democracy, and there are still Americans who have not achieved full equality, but for one bright shining moment on Tuesday night, when Barack Obama and his wife and daughters stood on a stage surrounded by a sea of cheering people of every race, we came closer to the perfection of that dream than we ever have before. I am extremely proud of us!


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