Library Love

“The place of the cure of the soul.” In the third century BC, that inscription was carved on the wall above shelves of papyrus scrolls in the library of Alexandria. It’s as true today as it was then, but we have to use a library to get its cures.

Sitting on the shelves of our local library are accounts of every discovery, every scientific advance, every philosophy, every religion. We can use a library to learn about fine art, great music, or how to bake cookies. And, if we aren’t in a scholarly mood, we can check out the world’s greatest literature. Or we can take books that might not rank as great literature but entertain us and help us understand what it would be like to live in somebody else’s shoes.

My books don’t rank with the world’s greatest literature, but library patrons enjoy them and let me know they do, which I greatly appreciate. In Plainfield, Ill, the public library is putting one of my catnip bookmarks in each of my books as a little surprise for the person who checks one out. I love that, too. If your own library would like some of my catnip bookmarks, ask them to contact me and I’ll send them some.


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