Thanksgiving Blessings

Here it is Thanksgiving again, and a lot of people are having to look hard to find something to be thankful for. Having gone through a lot of ups and downs in my own life, I can offer some suggestions:

If you can get out of bed by yourself, dress yourself, brush your own teeth, be thankful. A lot of people can’t do any of those things.

If you HAVE a bed to get out of, and more than the shirt on your back, be thankful. A lot of people around the world would count you wealthy. Ditto if you have teeth to brush.

If you have a friend, even one friend, who hopes the best for you, be thankful. That’s a wonderful gift that some people don’t have.

If you have even one family member who cares about you, no matter how far away he or she may be, be thankful. Not all families are loving or supportive. If yours is, you’re a fortunate person.

If you have a place to go for Thanksgiving dinner, be thankful. Whether it’s your own table or a friend’s. Whether it’s a church hall where people bring food to share. Whether it’s a community kitchen where people have donated their time and money. It’s all good, be thankful.

If you have a pet who snuggles close to you and gives you unconditional love, be thankful. God is love, and whether that love comes to you through other people or from a bundle of fur with four legs, it’s God expressing. Be thankful.

My Thanksgiving wish for for you is that you have at least one moment on Thanksgiving Day when you feel splendidly wealthy, happy, and lucky. As you feel, so you are.


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