Furry Friends

Everybody who’s ever had a pet has experienced its healing power. No matter how sick you might be, a cat purring in your lap or a dog snuggling close by will make you feel better. I always thought it was because they send love to us, and there’s nothing more healing than love. I still believe that, but I just learned from a health newsletter from Dr. Roger Williams that there’s a scientific reason why pets heal.

Far-infrared rays (FIRs) are wavelengths of energy that we can’t see. FIRs penetrate body cells and facilitate healing. We feel FIRs as heat in the sun’s rays, and that’s why we feel warmer on a sunny day than on a cloudy day even if the temperature is the same. We not only feel FIRs, we also transmit them. Couples who sleep together are healthier (unless one of them snores or keeps the other awake some other way) because they’re sending and receiving FIRs from each other. Some people transmit more than others, which is why we feel energy coming from the hands of a really good chiropractor massage therapist.

Animals also receive and transmit FIRs, which is the scientific reason why their presence is healing. I suppose, like people, that some animals transmit more than others, but they all are bundles of far-infrared rays that we feel penetrating our bodies, and those rays are healing. In other words, our furry friends are also our FIR-y friends. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)


One thought on “Furry Friends

  1. I must be feeling a little strange myself, because I see possible future plot points in the FIR from pets and refracting light patterns in fabrics inspired by butterflies. . . and much as I wish you a lovely, normal holiday season with many gourmet goodies, I would feel less rich if there were never to be more Catsitter mysteries.
    Happy Holidays!

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