Happy New Year!

Thank God 2008 is over! We can move on now, wiser and prouder. We got through a presidential campaign that brought out the best and the worst of ourselves, and the best won. We’ve learned that people who claim to know more than we do about money really aren’t any smarter, they just talk faster. We’ve learned that huge corporations with really, really smart people at the helm don’t handle their budgets any better than we do. We should at least take heart from that.

So now it’s time for resolutions. As for me, I resolve to pay more attention to friends and family and less to writing. I resolve to have more fun every day and be less responsible. I resolve to enjoy every bite I eat, every word I read, every person I spend time with. If I don’t enjoy, I won’t waste time with it. I resolve to banish every negative thought, belief, and fear from my mind, and to focus on those things that are beautiful, good, and trustworthy. I resolve to eat more chocolate, and to do at least one frivolous thing a week. More if the opportunity presents itself.

I also resolve to be more attentive to my web site and this blog.

To all of you, I send my love and my gratitude  for your friendship.

Happy New Year!!


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