For the last four days, I’ve been in bed with a mystery ailment that caused my head to weigh approximately five hundred pounds and my joints to feel like they were being jumped on by Sumo wrestlers. I would have worried about it, but I was too busy sleeping. I slept almost around the clock for four days. I’m still sleepy and will have to take a nap soon, but my head now weighs only around two hundred pounds, so I guess I’m getting over whatever it is.

Except for having a few life-threatening, catastrophic illnesses and accidents, I’m disgustingly healthy, and I take any kind of ailment as a personal insult. My feeling is that I’ve paid my dues, big time, and I shouldn’t be bothered by minor, run-of-the-mill illnesses. I also tend to believe that if I ignore things, they’ll go away. Usually they do, but this mystery ailment moved in as a very unwelcome visitor and refused to leave.

On the plus side, I’ve caught up on any sleep I might have lost over the last year. And since my long nap happened during the neutral time between New Years Day and today, I didn’t miss anything important. This must be how bears feel when they hibernate. Maybe it’s good to hibernate at this time of year. Last year was stressful for the entire world, and maybe we could all do with a long nap right now before we get caught up in the new year.

I think that’s how I’ll choose to look at my mystery ailment: as a positive period of hibernation. And now I’m on my way back to bed for another deep sleep. G’night.


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