Belief and Reality

While my son was visiting over Christmas, we were coming home from a movie one day when an odd thing happened. I was driving, and had pulled into a left-turn lane. A sports car and a big truck were half a block away in the two lanes coming toward us. They had a red light. My light was green, and the left-turn arrow was green, but I came to a complete stop and waited.

My son said, “The arrow is green.”

I said, “I know, but I have to wait for that truck to pass.” As I said it, the oncoming sports car stopped at the red light, but the truck ran the light and zoomed by us. If I had not waited, the truck would have hit us broadside.

My son said, “How did you know he wasn’t going to stop?”

I didn’t have an answer. I had simply known that truck was going to run the red light. My only explanation is that I absolutely know that I’m the luckiest woman alive. And so I am.

Life has taught me — often the hard way — that I will always get more of what I believe I already have. If I believe everything in my life is going wrong, it does. If I believe I’m poor, I lose money right and left, and everything I own breaks down and has to be repaired. But if I believe I’m rich and lucky, weird checks that I never expected come in the mail, odd coincidences happen that bring good things to me, miracles happen.

There was a time when I thought people who said things like that were nuts. But then I decided the scientific way to investigate anything was to do a trial and error test and pay attention to the results. I started small, and when the things I was imagining mine came into my life, I was certain it was coincidence. But every time I tried it, it worked, and I began to think there might actually be something to the idea. Then I noticed that it worked both ways: if I let my mind dwell on things I didn’t want, as in worry and fear, they came too. That’s when I remembered Jesus saying, “It is done to you as you believe.” Hmmmm.

Being hard-headed and cynical, it took me a long time to just accept that belief is what creates hard reality. I didn’t want to believe that, because it put me in the camp with people I’d once thought were nuts. But when you put the theory to a hard test, in time it becomes just plain stupid to believe in the negative. That being the case, I now choose to believe that my life is filled with good things. So it is. That does not mean I believe I have power over weather or oceans or other people’s behavior. But I have tried thinking negative and thinking positive, and I’ve proven to myself that they both bring results in kind.

Since every day brings news that reminds everybody of how awful things are, it might be a good time to do your own scientific investigation of the idea. Instead of imagining the worst that can happen, imagine the best. Accompany the imagination with happy feelings, as if you’ve just got a phone call giving you the best news you can think of. Keep at it until it becomes second nature. The worst that can happen is that you’ll waste time feeling happy instead of feeling scared. The best that can happen is that you become so convinced of your own good luck that you get really lucky.


2 thoughts on “Belief and Reality

  1. Dear Blaize, I certainly understand the physically challenged stuff, I read all three of your mysteries so far, i live on cat mysteries, yours are by far the best I’ve read to date. We have to believe only the good, and fortuitious will happen to us, as a medium I know this to be true. I recently while depressed, watched, “Clean House” episodes so long that a pipe in my attic broke causing my entire home tobe done over, lol Unfortunately, Ashlea one of my six cats disappeared, but, Blaize, I believe she will come back to me. Even ill with debilitating pain, I only saw that good would happen to me, thru darkness of pain because I knew I would never give up, cry maybe, but not ever give up hope, that someone would see and radiate my goodness, for all I try to give to animals, and people in need.

    Skye Kate in NW Georgia

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