More Luck

As I said yesterday, I am the luckiest woman in the universe. Even when bad things happen, they always seem to bring a gift in their hands. Take what happened a few Saturdays ago, for example. My son was visiting for the holidays and we were headed to a movie. First we were going to drop off a little gift to a friend. She’s also a writer and in the middle of a big project, so I planned to practically throw the gift on her doorstep so she wouldn’t feel obligated to stop work and chat.

She lives near the Gulf, and as we turned onto her street, there was an odd odor in the air that I assumed was water-related. Out-of-season red tide toxins floating around, maybe. But the smell got stronger and we realized it was coming from inside the car. Now here’s the first lucky thing: we arrived at my friend’s driveway just as smoke began drifting from the AC vents. By the time we came to a stop outside her front door, smoke was coming from the hood.

You never saw two people get out of a car so fast in your life. (When you’re mobility challenged, having smoke coming from your car’s hood is a great motivator!)

Here’s the second lucky thing: even though it was Saturday afternoon before Christmas and a lot of places were already closed, a Firestone repair shop was open less than a mile away. Not only open, but when we called they agreed to stay until a AAA wrecker brought the car to them.

Lucky thing number three: the Firestone people called around and found a shop open that had a motor to replace one that had burned out in the radiator. As if they were Santa’s elves, that shop sped it to the Firestone shop, and within three hours of first smelling smoke, the car was fixed. For that to happen on the last day of the week before Christmas was definitely a Christmas miracle! (Guess who I now recommend for great car service?)

Needless to say, our car drama ruined my friend’s writing time, but even that worked out well. She had been at a snarled point, and she’d actually needed a diversion. The last lucky thing was that she sent us home with a huge bowl of just-made spaghetti with meat sauce. The spaghetti was delicious, so we not only got our car repaired fast but a great dinner.

Like I said, I am the luckiest woman in the universe.


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