Moments in Crime

I’m guest blogging all this week on Moments In Crime, so take a peek at that site for my musings as well as those of other crime novelists.

It’s always sort of strange to guest blog, like going to a party in your honor. You know every eye will be on you, and so you want to put your best foot forward. But knowing you’re the center of attention makes you self-conscious, and you’ll probably knock over a glass of wine or drop cake on the floor.

Anyway, you’re invited to the party in my honor. I hope you’ll come so I’ll be among friends. I’ll try not to spill champagne on you.


One thought on “Moments in Crime

  1. No champagne until the 20th please — and then pour away.
    Meanwhile, you’d be so pleased at how well my new house guest is faring. I found a little tree frog in my house a month ago, pale and miserable, and with just a bit of TLC (and water and crickets), he’s doing well. I’m expecting he’ll be wanting to go back outside in the spring, when the other frogs start answering his calls . . .

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