Read It Now

This week I’ve felt a little bit like Alice in Wonderland, with things getting curioser and curioser. Most weeks glide by like smooth rivers, but this one has been fast and choppy, spilling all over the place. I’ve guest blogged on MomentsInCrime all week. I’ve blogged here. I’ve posted emails from readers on my web site with answers. I’ve edited a manuscript. I’ve considered pros and cons of a major purchase, researched it to the nth degree, and made a decision. I’ve led a weekly writing workshop. I’ve done a book signing. I’ve re-edited a manuscript. Tomorrow night I’ll be a guest on the Jordan Rich radio show out of Boston, and Saturday I’ll do another book signing.

And all the time I was focused on those things, Cat Sitter On A Hot Tin Roof was being featured on Read it First at I didn’t even know it. If a reader hadn’t contacted me about it, it would have sailed right past me.

So here’s a late announcement: Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof is featured this week on Read It Now at


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