The Cat Who Thinks She’s a Dog

Got this photo today of a cat named Mandy going for a walk with her human. It’s too good not to share.



7 thoughts on “The Cat Who Thinks She’s a Dog

  1. Just found out today that you put mom’s photo on your blog LAST YEAR– walking my MANDY!!!!

    To correct a minor error, MANDARIN HONEY AKA “Mandy” is a MALE! (Still has his parts.) He is a tail-less MANX with HUGE ATTITUDE. Since he has no tail, if he gets out we have to outrun him, get ahead of him and catch a leg or his mid-section to grab hold of him. He is fast! We don’t ALLOW him to go out, especially since he is still ALL MALE! Luckily no one around here seems to have any young females to arouse his interest.

    MANDY is obsessive-compulsive, and “demands” that I clean his cat-box whenever my other cat MERLYNN CATEWAMPUSS (female) uses their shared box. I tried multiple cat-boxes, but they just used them all and I had to clean them all each time, which is about 9 times a day, even at 4am!!! EXHAUSTING!

    Merly gets upset with him hovering over her when she needs to use HIS BOX, (as he believes it is), so she gets even and just pees on the floor! You just gotta love them! Merlynn is 19 and Mandy is just over 4 years.

    I want to thank you, Blaize, for using MANDY’S likeness on the cover, in the swimming pool, for your new book RAINING CAT SITTERS and DOGS! Whether intentional or not, the orange cat looks so much like him. The only thing I think he would have is a margarita in his paw!!

    Love your books! I just received the new one in the mail from pre-ordering at Can’t wait to start reading it!!!

    Thanks again!

    Candy Eve (and MANDY)

  2. “Cheddar” in “Cat Sitter Among the Ppigeons,” reminds me a bit of MANDY, only MANDY is much more mischievous! He would have hunted the KOI, and climbed in WITH the baby, and NOT TOUCHED the eggs, and demanded his catbox be cleaned ten times a day, and wakes his owner up three times a night to ask for treats, and and and….. LOL!!!

    But then again, I am only into CHAPTER FOUR!

    BLAIZE, Your books are the ONLY ones that I ration the reading. I will not go past a chapter or two a day! WHY???

    Because I don’t want it to end to quickly! I can’t wait till you have lots and lots of books. But I found you with the first two, and you write about one a year, and darn it, I read much faster than that!

    I am definitely one of your biggest fans!!!

    Candy Eve

  3. Are you saying Mandy has a bit of a demanding personality??? I love the way cats come with their own unique styles, and we just have to deal with it. I wish I could write faster, but I’m like Mandy. I have to do it the way I do it.

  4. My mom also passed away, JUNE 14th 2011. She was seen here walking my CAT -Mandy the Manx. He loved walking with her! So very sad to hear of BLAIZE’S passing. She was a wonderful person, and I will miss her.

    Thank you John, for carrying on HER legacy!


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