Emilie’s Voltaire

On the theory that every grandmom gets to brag at least once a year about one of her grandkids, I’m claiming that right to tell the world that my granddaughter Amy is one of the leads in an off-Broadway play. She has the role of Emilie in EMILIE’S VOLTAIRE at the Samuel Beckett Theater in Manhattan. So if you’re a New Yorker and like theater, go see this play set during the French Enlightenment. It “chronicles the volcanic, law-breaking, sexually-driven, intellectually-fuelled, sixteen-year love affair” between Voltaire and Emilie, the most beautiful woman in Europe. The play runs through Feb. 7. Tickets are available through TicketCentral.

Amy as Emilie


2 thoughts on “Emilie’s Voltaire

  1. Hi, I was just looking up reviews for Emilie’s Voltaire, and came upon your website. Having seen the play on opening night, I just want to say congratulations! We loved it!! Amy Lyn Stewart is superb as Emilie, in an evening of great dialogue. We’re friends of Arthur Giron, the writer, and were so very glad to be there (via Amtrak from Boston). I just wish I could see it again….all good wishes to your granddaughter. We’ll keep an eye out for her performances in the future.

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