Kissing Frogs – Bleh!

Ever find yourself living with odious people? Eating dinner with slimeballs? Sleeping with the dregs of humanity? I did that for the last couple of days until I finally came to my senses and asked myself if I really wanted to live with those awful people. Eat with them, sleep with them, take showers with them, have them with me all the time? The answer, of course, was that I definitely did not. So I’ve been doing everything I could think of to put them out of my mind. First I wrote them a letter, and with as much sincerity as I could muster told them they were valuable sparks of Life and that I hoped they found complete happiness.

I didn’t mail the letter, you understand, I just tried to look at the situation from a higher perspective. I had been hoping my unmailed letter might cause them to go search for their complete happiness in another country. Or another planet. It did make them move a little bit toward the front door, but they didn’t leave. So then I talked to a friend about what despicable, contemptible, vile low-lifes they are. I came up with so many unpleasant adjectives for them that my friend laughed hard and that made me laugh a little too. Which made the awful people move a bit closer to the door.

Then I spent some time thinking about how truly horrific it must be to BE those people, to live inside their skin, to have driven away every friend and family member, to have nothing except their mean, ugly lives. When I thought about them that way, with a bit of compassion, they opened the front door and slipped outside. I’m extremely glad they’re out of my house, but I know they’re lurking just on the other side of the front door waiting for the first chance to come back in. Boy, getting rid of ugly, angry thoughts is hard!


One thought on “Kissing Frogs – Bleh!

  1. Good luck getting those uglies to find a new home. It reminds me of the dervish in the road story, in which the dervish wishes for the person who just ran them off the road, “may the deepest desires of your soul be satisfied.” It’s my mantra for dealing with difficult people, except for when I revert to Emilia’s “May his pernicious soul rot in hell, half a grain a day.”

    I’d love to read the magical, homes and jobs for everyone book!

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