Cozy Mysteries

Publisher’s Weekly has an interesting column about cozy mysteries this week, and I’m happy to say my name was among the cozy writers mentioned. As the article discusses, a lot of us cozy writers are less than delighted to have our work described by a word that immediately brings to mind stories written by little old ladies with knitting needles stuck in their buns. Hair buns, that is. Maybe we should have a contest to give a new name to mysteries in which amateur sleuths help solve crimes. Anybody have a suggestion?


7 thoughts on “Cozy Mysteries

  1. sleuth mysteries or Marples (named after Mala Marples who squeezed tens of millions out of The Donald or was that Marla Maples?)

  2. It doesn’t matter to me what they are called, I loved Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter!! I just finished it and thought I’d stop by and say, “Lovely Read!”

    (Romance writers don’t always want to be pegged as strictly romance, especially if they are urban fantasy. Fantasy writers sometimes want to be noted as romance because there are so many more readers of romance. Sci/fi writers want to be known a cross-genre if they have mystery elements to their sci/fi…)

    I pay none of the labels any mind. I just read what interests me. If you don’t sit at home with a bun in a your hair to write (or if you do) doesn’t matter a bit to me. :>)

    Lovely read. Thanks for writing it!

  3. Maybe “Neighborhood Mysteries.” I love series because I love that I know the people and area. I can picture Dixie’s apartment next to Michael & Paco and the area of the keys, although I’ve never been there. I think that’s what makes them “cozy.” By the way, I am a petsitter in Santa Monica, CA and I LOVE your books. I read them when they first come and and am anxiously awaiting your next! Thank you.

  4. I love the word “cozy” to describe my favorite sleuth-type of mysteries and am sorry that the word disturbs you.

    I do not think of old ladies with knitting needles in their buns when I hear the word cozy. I think of a fun mystery, not to heavy, just enough mystery to make the story enjoyable.

    I think of small towns, close-knit communities, fun characters, especially the slueth.

    When I hear cozy mystery, I know it is the exact kind of mystery I am looking for and I hope the word never changes for that kind of mystery.

    If you want to change your mysteries to another name, that is fine, it is your choice..but, I do hope all the other authors of cozy mysteries keep the word cozy.

  5. OOPS: Should say ‘too’ heavy..

    “I think of a fun mystery, not to heavy, just enough mystery to make the story enjoyable.”

    I also forgot to add that knitting and crocheting are not for old old ladies any more – young people and men have taken up knitting and loving it!

    Check that out, there may be a story here involving men sitting around clicking those needles 🙂

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