Mystery Bookstore Cats

Since the mysteries I write have a protagonist who’s a pet sitter, and since all my books feature a particular pet, I get wonderful letters from readers telling me about their own pets. Peggy, for instance, wrote that she had found my first book — Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter — at her local library. When she left with it, a little bright-eyed orange tabby kitten had followed her as she walked home. She said the kitten had stayed no more than ten feet away from her, darting from bush to bush, until she got to her front door. Nobody could resist that kind of persistence, so in no time the kitten was inside. Now, three books later, Peggy said he continues to follow her to and from the library. He is definitely a literary cat.

If I were a cat, I would want to be a library cat or a bookstore cat. It would be cool to stretch out on a top shelf and sleep while people browsed for books. And if I wanted to get attention, I could knock a book off a shelf or toss a little cat hair on their shoulders. I would especially like to be a cat in the mystery section of a library. Either that, or a mystery bookstore cat. People who read gory, scary mysteries are usually quiet, gentle people who don’t make loud noises or jump around a lot, so I would like them. I could create mysteries for them, like sticking my whiskers out from around a row of books, and then pulling them back. Mystery lovers could try to figure out what those whisker ends that kept appearing and disappearing meant. Mystery lovers are not demanding people, so if I decided to forget the whole game and just snooze, they wouldn’t mind. Yep, mystery lovers and cats are definitely a good fit!


One thought on “Mystery Bookstore Cats

  1. I recently watched two cats roam the aisles of a comic book store. When we left, we noticed both of them in their “spots” on the display case of the front window. Sunny and warm. They always pick the best places to nap.

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