Fathers Day

On this Father’s Day weekend, we salute all the hard-working, dedicated, loving fathers around the world.

Here’s a statistic that may surprise a lot of people: for both sons and daughters, when it comes to a child’s future self-esteem and self-confidence, fathers are more influential than mothers. Mothers may not like that, especially mothers who have to raise their children alone, but that’s the fact. In almost every study on the impact fathers have on their children, fathers seem to have a greater effect than mothers in a child’s self-confidence or lack of it.

Fathers who are positive sources of self-confidence give their children a sense of safety. They support them, both financially and emotionally. They respect their children’s ideas and dreams. They encourage their children’s talents. In every possible way, they show their children that they are important, that they matter.

Being a good father may be the most challenging job any man ever has. Those who do it well deserve all the accolades we can give them. They not only provide a solid foundation for their own children, they make the entire world safer and saner. So to every good father out there, I send a big THANK YOU!


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