Pimiento Cheese Redux

Remember pimiento cheese? I’ll bet I ate a ton of the stuff when I was young. But then my taste got a little more sophisticated, not to mention that I started thinking about calories, and so pimiento cheese became a part of my gastronomical past. Lately, though, with all the doom and gloom in the air, I’ve been wanting the comfort food I used to eat. Macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, pot roasts, that kind of thing.

Yesterday while I stood looking into my refrigerator hoping for inspiration, I noticed a jar of sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil, the finely minced kind that I usually stir into hot pasta. Right beside it was a plastic bag of grated cheddar cheese. A little bell rang in my head. Why not combine them, add a little mayo, a smidgen of Dijon mustard, and call it tomato-cheese? So I did, and spread it on stone-ground wheat crackers for a snack. It wasn’t bad. Not as soul-satisfying as the old gloppy pimiento cheese on gummy Wonder Bread used to be, but not half bad. I think next time I’ll put it on top of grilled burgers.


2 thoughts on “Pimiento Cheese Redux

  1. Ms. Clement: I read your latest Dixie Hemingway first and immediately ordered via interlibrary loan the preceding novels. I have not been so impressed by a writer, a main character, or a setting in a decade! At first attracted by Dixie’s occupation, I quickly realized the writing was superb. Your descriptions of the flora and fauna of Dixie’s tropical home are excellent. The spell-binding mysteries, her delicious appreciation of food (rare for a heroine these days), her independence and devotion to Michael and Paco and to her animals only makes me long for more of her story. Please don’t let her become just another man-enraptured woman.
    I only can use the internet at my local public library (so I really don’t receive or send email). This is one of my rare literary “fan letters.” I just had to encourage you and Dixie to keep providing your devotees with more!

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