Bubble Wrap Frustration

What is it with packagers? Why do they make it so doggone hard to open everything? No matter what it is, it comes packaged in bubble wrap that could be used as tank armor. And it isn’t just the outside wrap, it’s the packages themselves that defy opening.

When I buy a new bottle of Tylenol, I always empty it into a jelly jar and throw away the original container. The last thing I want to do when I have aching muscles is try to wrestle off the cap on a bottle of pain pills. You have to have small child fingers to pop those things off.

About twice a year, I make a trip to WalMart and buy cases of Sam’s Purified Water. The last bunch had new styled, curvy bottles. They also had caps impossible to twist off. So every time I open a new bottle, I have to get out a device similar to a wrench and man-handle it off. Yesterday, I went to Target and bought two tubes of mascara, an eye-liner pencil, and a compact with four eye shadows. To get them out of their hard plastic wrap, I stabbed and sliced at them with a knife. Not very safe, but necessary.

The eye-shadow compact had a second laminated plastic cover that had to be sliced off with a knife. After I had discarded all the stabbed and sliced hard plastic, I tried to open the compact. No dice. The compact would not open. It had a little thingy at one end that looked as if it was meant to be compressed or flipped or something, but it didn’t move. So I took a scissors blade and forced the compact open. I plan to never close it again. Inevitably, though, I’ll forget and snap the thing shut or the woman who cleans every two weeks will close it, and I’ll have to attack it with scissors again.

I know how trivial this is. If the worst thing that ever happens to me is that I have to use scissors to get at my eye shadow, I should get down on my knees and give thanks. But it seems to me that businesses who sell products could exercise a little common sense and civility in how they package them. If anybody has found a good solution to opening packages that aren’t made to be opened, I’d like to hear it.


4 thoughts on “Bubble Wrap Frustration

  1. Interesting post, and I can relate to your genuine concerns, especially after last Christmas, whatwith several presents being akin to opening Ft. Knox. Have a fun Friday and happy weekend.

  2. I have started asking the clerk in the store to open difficult packaging when I buy the item. I haven’t had any refuse yet. Some eco-sites also suggest leaving the packaging at the store, to let them deal with disposal . . .

  3. I like the idea of leaving packaging at the store, although it isn’t the store’s fault that everything is packaged to resist elephant stomping. I’d rather return it to the manufacturer, but that would get really expensive.

    Good idea on taping the eye shadow compact so it won’t close. I’m going to do that. Thanks.

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