Wasting Time

Seems like the more time-saving technology people invent, the more time-wasting activity we come up with. Word-processing programs and the internet have cut the time it takes to write a book by some astronomical amount. No more trips to the library to spend hours researching and writing notes on index cards. No more typing and retyping draft after draft after draft. No more literal cutting and pasting of words or sentences that you then ran through a copier. No more printing of several copies of a manuscript and then trudging to the post office with one of them clutched in your exhausted arms.

So what do we do with all that saved time? I don’t know what other authors do, but I have perfected the art of wasting time. In fact, before I just deleted a couple of paragraphs from this blog, I had enumerated them. I used a little parenthesis mark after each number and separated the time-wasting things I’ve done today with semicolons. I probably wasted a good thirty minutes just writing about all the other minutes I’ve wasted today instead of working on the manuscript that needs to be written.

I can’t think of another way to put it off. Back to Chapter 5 of the next Dixie Hemingway book.


3 thoughts on “Wasting Time

  1. With all the advances to make our lives quicker and easier- I also am a master time waster. It seems the less structure in my day, the less I get done. Don’t know how I will manage to accomplish anything when I retire!

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