Sandra Petrovich

Sandra+PetrovichMy good friend Sandra Petrovich died last week, and her family, friends and students are still reeling from the shock. Sandra was an ardent pet lover, a brilliant historian, and a gifted writer. She knew so much about seventeenth century history that I always thought she must have brought some cellular memory with her when she came into this life. She laughed at the idea, but everybody who knew her realized she was an old soul with a wisdom far beyond her years. Perhaps that’s why she left us at such a young age. She will be greatly missed.


3 thoughts on “Sandra Petrovich

  1. Thank you, Blaize. You have made such an impact on our lives and Sandra loved you very much. Her life touched so many people, and her kindness and understanding knew no bounds.

  2. I am a former student and now friend of the Petrovich family. Sandra was a beautiful person inside and out. If there was ever an angel on earth it was her. I am thankful for the short time I knew her and honored to be called a friend. Your comments about her are beautiful and Alisa appreciates them. From a friend…. Thank you.

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