Mac Upgrades

Ah, the joys of modern technology! I love my Mac. I especially love the way Mac sends spies or elves into my computer to let me know when upgrades are available. I think it’s thoughtful of them to let me know how to stay up to date. The only downside to all that thoughtfulness is that new upgrades seem to become available almost every day. The invisible prompters don’t exactly say that I must download them, but they hint that awful things may happen if I don’t. So I dutifully hit the download link and wait while some better version of whatever I’ve been using loads. Half the time, I then get another notice that to use that new version, I really need to also upgrade something else that works with it. So I hit another download link and wait.

Today I have downloaded an upgrade to iTunes, Adobe flash player, and a beta upgrade to my beloved Nisus Writer Express. The beta upgrade was necessary because the most recent upgrade to Snow Leopard caused some kinks in the old Nisus Express. Snow Leopard itself was a recent upgrade to regular Leopard, but the upgrade has already had an upgrade.

All these upgrades are cool, and as soon as I have time I’m going to download a Yale class in literature from iTunes. But I don’t know when I’ll have time to listen to it because I’ve spent so much time downloading things instead of writing. When my editor demands the manuscript I’m working on now, I may have to tell her it’ll be late because I’ve spent so much time upgrading my computer programs.


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