National Book Store Day

National Book Store Day is coming up on November 7, and at the suggestion of David Hagberg (Burned, The Expediter, Dance With the Dragon, etc, etc), Sarasota writers will be hanging out at Circle Books, our local independent bookstore, to show our appreciation for all the things booksellers do for us. No matter how many books are sold online, or how many books are read on Kindle, book stores remain the primary link between books and book lovers. If you have a local bookstore you love, you know how the people there have come to know your preferences in authors and genres, and how they suggest great books you might never have read without their recommendation.

If you’re an author, think about following David Hagberg’s lead and organize local authors in a showing of support for your own bookstores. If you’re a lover of books, mark your calendar and stop by your favorite store on November 7 and tell the booksellers how much you appreciate them. Who knows, you might run into one of your favorite authors there.


One thought on “National Book Store Day

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