Raining Cat Sitters is on DearReader.com

Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs, the fifth installment in the Dixie Hemingway Mystery Series, is featured this week as a selection of the Mystery Book Club on DearReader.com. I love DearReader, and I’m delighted that all five of Dixie’s stories have found their way to the site.

Suzanne Beecher has told the story of how the first Dixie Hemingway book caught her attention, but I think it’s so funny that I’ll tell it again. We live in the same town, but had never met when I sent the first book, Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter, to her. Along with the book, I sent a note giving my phone number, email address, and a catnip bookmark. The bookmark was just a friendly gift in case she had a cat.

Little did I know she had five cats! When the book arrived in its neat box, Suzanne added it to a big stack to be opened later. Her two house cats promptly pounced on the box and began clawing at the cardboard, so she opened it. They had smelled the catnip and they weren’t going to wait around for a human to discover it. Suzanne had a big laugh about it, she and her husband came and took a photo of me with the book and the catnip.

It just proves that the least little incident can lead to discovering something very meaningful. Sending a book to DearReader.com for consideration was a fairly minor event, but it led to Suzanne’s cats finding a source for their catnip habit, and to me finding wonderful new friends — the Beechers and DearReader.com readers.


3 thoughts on “Raining Cat Sitters is on DearReader.com

  1. Just finished reading Raining Catsitters and Dogs and loved it. The story about Suzanne Beacher, gives me an idea. My current unpublished novel features a champagne seller, perhaps I should include a pony bottle of sparkling wine in with my posts to critics and reviews. Keep them coming Blaize, I love the descriptions of the island and hope Dixie and her detective make a go of it. With her hours, she deserves a break!

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