Cleaning Up the Oil Spill

I love hearing from readers. They tell me funny stories about their pets and share some of their private thoughts. Sometimes they teach me something I never knew, like reader Sara Smith in this note:

I love your books. I am re-reading them right now. I’ve read all of them except the most current. I have been a housesitter/petsitter and I have a fantasy of moving to Florida. I dream of the Keys usually but since I started reading your books, I have a new interest in the Gulf coast. I am wondering if you or Dixie Hemmingway have heard of Matter of Trust. They collect and make hair mats and booms from animal and/or human hair. The mats and booms are used to clean up oil spills. I heard about it through MSN while reading up on the current oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. The website for Matter of Trust is fantastic. There are facts about oil spills, hair mats & booms, pictures of volunteers making booms at backyard barbeques, and informational flyers you can print. I thought of you and Dixie because you write so beautifully of the ocean and wildlife in Siesta Key. I can picture Dixie saving hair from her pet grooming to send off to make booms and hair mats to protect her part of the gulf. If you are interested you can learn more about them at .
Sara Smith

Thank you for that information, Sara! I sort of doubt that hair clippings will be enough to soak up all the oil spewing into the Gulf, but I admire the spirit that drives people to do whatever they can to help.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning Up the Oil Spill

  1. Actually, I think it’s a pretty widespread movement. Here in Georgia, they’re donating hair from beauty salons, barbers and pet grooming establishments. And asking for panty hose to pack the hair into make the booms. Sounds crazy…but they seem serious.

    It’s scary because they’re predicting a very active hurricane season this year too.

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