Muffins and Mayhem, Chapter 2

Just when I thought I couldn’t stand the suspense of waiting for Suzanne Beecher to receive my bouquet of balloons in celebration of her book launch, she called, laughing, to say they had arrived. To prove it, her husband Bob sent a photo. They look a little dangerous. Suzanne is so little and the balloons are so big, I think it would be better if she stayed indoors where the ceiling will keep her from floating off. As if she hasn’t already floated away with happiness at having her first book published. Its a great book. I got to read an ARC so I know. I expect Muffins and Mayhem to be a major best seller, as it should be! Congrats, Suzanne!


5 thoughts on “Muffins and Mayhem, Chapter 2

  1. It’s so exciting, and Suzanne looks wonderful with the lovely balloons!

    For the record, though, please, don’t anyone send balloons to me. . . for any reason. With the latex allergy, I cannot be in a room with balloons (except the mylar ones) — I even have a “no balloons” clause on my storytelling contract form, in case I forget to mention it ever. It’s a shame, really, I like balloons . . .and cats.

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