5 thoughts on “Just Send Me Nine Hundred Dollars

  1. Aren’t the scams pathetic? Dear Beloved, Dear Friend, Dear Friend in Jesus. I reply once in a while just to say it is despicable that they blaspheme by using Jesus’ name in a scam. Oh, I know it does no good, but I get mad.
    Thank goodness I and my friends and family, know better than to fall or any scam. But I feel bad for the others, maybe the senile, who get taken.

  2. It’s scary, but hopefully as the word gets out people will be more informed and not fall prey to these scam artists. Or maybe the world will just become a better place and people will start to treat each other as they would like to be treated….I know, eternally optimistic, that’s me! 😀

  3. Dixie doesn’t do email. She doesn’t even have a computer. I’m not sure her cellphone does anything except take phone calls. Sometimes I think Dixie may know something I don’t.

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