Panty Hose Nostalgia

It’s funny how we get so accustomed to certain features of our own daily landscape that a change seems foreign. When I first moved to Florida from Philadelphia, the way locals dressed seemed odd to the point of bizarre. Women wandered the aisles of supermarkets in bikinis with thin cover-ups thrown over them, men and women went to church in shorts and flip-flops. Now that has become the norm.

A couple of weeks ago, I spent ten days in Houston where I lived for over thirty years. It was lovely to be back to a place where everybody talked like me and where friendly smiles were the norm, wonderful to eat honest-to-god Tex-Mex again. But the city has grown so much since I left in 1991 that I barely recognized it, and everywhere I looked I saw women in high heels and shiny knee-tall boots. They were dressed up, too, in sleek suits and silk blouses that I vaguely remembered wearing when I lived and worked there. Not a flip-flop in sight. No shorts. And no bare legs. I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland.

When I came back to Sarasota, my white linen pants seemed outrageously out-of-season, never mind that the temperature was in the 80s. I found myself pawing through my closet for something black and stylish, something that said it was autumn. I didn’t find much, and what I found was hot and uncomfortable. It seems strange that it’s winter already in many parts of the US, but still summer here. That’s why I moved here, of course, because I love the eternal sunshine, but seeing all those snazzy boots and dressy suits made me a bit nostalgic for weather that goes with panty hose.


2 thoughts on “Panty Hose Nostalgia

  1. Oh no, no, no don’t become nostalgic for panty hose…panty hose is one of the worst inventions of the 20th century! I live in Canada and would just love to be able to wear sandals and bare legs all year round. The only way I’ll wear skirts in the winter is with leotard/tights. I’ve bought way too many pairs of sheer panty hose (expensive) that run as I’m putting them on.

    You’re in a beautiful part of the country, you can always take a trip to see the autumn colours or enjoy a bit of snow. In the meantime enjoy the sun and think of the all vitamin D you’re absorbing! 😀

  2. My nostalgia for panty hose was a moment of temporary insanity. I’ll bet I could paper the world with panty hose that tore as I pulled them on for the first time. Ugh! I’m quite happy here in unchic Florida with our flip-flops. As I write this at 6:00 p.m. it is 85 degrees. Can’t beat that!

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