Catnip Bookmarks

At first the requests for catnip bookmarks trickled in, but now my PO box is so clogged with mail that I have to tug at it to get it out, and the postal people are making pointed suggestions that maybe I should get a larger box. My hand cramps from writing notes to people who are going to get a book as a gift, and I love it.

Thanks to all of you who have gone to Amazon or Barnes and Noble or Borders or your favorite independent bookstore and pre-ordered Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons either for yourself or as gifts. Some of you are putting too much postage on your SASEs — my fault, I didn’t tell you that it only requires the same postage as a first class letter. The bags of catnip are lightweight, and my notecard is light too, so no need to put extra postage on it.

You may have wondered why in the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed world I didn’t just let people email me the names and addresses of people to whom they were giving a book, rather than having folks send me an SASE for each bookmark they wanted. I have to admit it would have been a lot easier for other people. But my carpal tunnel problem wouldn’t let me address envelopes plus write personal notes to each person. I figured the notes were more important than addressing the envelopes, plus there’s less chance of mistakes in house numbers and zip codes if I don’t write them.

As I’ve said before, you don’t need to send me proof of purchase,  we’re working on the honor system here. Besides, if you hadn’t really ordered it, you’d be embarrassed if I sent your mother a note saying you were giving her a copy of Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons for Christmas, but that she wouldn’t get it until around January 4, and in the meantime here’s a catnip bookmark.

If you send me an envelope addressed to whomever you’re giving a book (which can also be yourself), remember to make it/them business-sized and to include a note telling me what your relationship is to the person(s) getting the book. If they have a cat, you can give me the cat’s name too and I’ll say hello to the cat in my personal note. Cats are suspicious of catnip from strangers.

The address is Blaize Clement, P.O. Box 19324, Sarasota, FL 34231.


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