How Our Pets Talk to Us

I love all the “Comments” on this blog, but one from Michele Turner really opened my memory box. Here’s what Michele wrote:

I wanted to comment on the “head pictures.” I once had a beloved Chow Chow named Sheba. We lived in WA and she had been in the yard and came in. She was tagging me around and that was unusual — she wouldn’t usually follow, but lie quietly. Something was bugging her. I said, “Sheba, what’s up?” and I suddenly had a picture in my head of her overturned water dish! I went into the kitchen and, yes, the cats had been hard at play and Sheba’s water bowl was turned over and water was everywhere. I KNOW she sent me that picture. My sister and I share a house now with 10 rescued cats and 2 rescued dogs. I use pictures all the time and it does seem to work. I LOVE your writing, your characters…like visiting with old friends. Thank you so much.

Thank you, Michele, for your kind words about my books and also for reminding me of a friend I used to know who raised Arabian horses. My friend believed in pictures, too. She once bought a colt who shied away in fear when she tried to brush his neck. As he did so, she got a picture of a whip coming down on his neck from his former owner. She stopped brushing and sent him pictures of his mother gently licking his neck when he was newborn. He calmed down, and when she started brushing his neck again, he stood calmly, and even seemed to like it.

Pictures work! They’re the way animals communicate with us, and if we take the time to speak their language, we’ll learn some new things. And bless you for rescuing your furry family!


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