Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I imagine some of you are busy cooking, some of you are traveling to be with family, some of you are planning to join friends for dinner or share a pot luck dinner at your place of worship or community center.

And I guess some of you may be doing what I’m doing: waiting for the arrival of family and the delivery of dinner. My granddaughter is coming from New York, and I’ve called a gourmet market that does holiday meals to order. They’ll bring roasted turkey breast, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and a green bean casserole. I made sugar-free cranberry sauce, deviled some eggs, and bought some relishes and a pie. Easiest Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever done. My granddaughter and I will have it all to ourselves, including leftovers.

If this works out, I’ll do the same thing for Christmas dinner. The cost was less than what it would cost to go to a restaurant, and about the same as it would have cost to cook it myself. No mess, no clean-up, and the food comes in re-heatable containers with instructions on how to make it taste just-cooked. We’ll see if it does.

Whether you’re roasting and mashing and stirring and whirring in your own kitchen, have ordered in, or plan to share Thanksgiving away from home, I hope this Thanksgiving is joyous for you in every way.


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll!

  1. You’re brilliant! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your granddaughter. Here in Canada we’ve already had Thanksgiving in October, but I’ll be spending the next few days packing and organizing my home move taking place on Monday (yikes). I’m having major panic attacks right now with many “to-dos” racing around in my head. As a result I’m sitting in front of the computer to de-stress. When in doubt, avoidance and denial always works for me! Ha ha.

    I love your idea of having dinner delivered….let us know how it all works out. Cooking a big, holiday dinner can be so stressful.

    Best regards,
    Margaret Ann

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