Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons

CAT SITTER AMONG THE PIGEONS is officially released today! Yaaay! I feel like a mother with a precious new baby. For those of you who pre-ordered the book either for yourself or as a gift, it should be going out from the bookstores today and in your mailbox in the next few days. If you’re in one of those places where the snow is piled high, I hope you can cuddle up in front of a fireplace with a nice cup of tea and read the book while soup simmers or a casserole cooks. With your dog or cat beside you, of course.

Even here in sunny Florida, it’s so cold that I’m postponing book-signings at local stores until the weather warms enough to sit outside. Some stores in other states are sending me books to sign, and one Florida store owner in another city is driving to Sarasota with a case of books for me to sign. I wish I could sign all your books. The next best thing is a catnip bookmark, which I’ll send to you if you send a legal-sized SASE to me at Blaize Clement, P.O. Box 19324, Sarasota, FL 34231. (It may take a few weeks for me to get all of them stuffed and mailed, so please be patient.)

You can read an article about CAT SITTER AMONG THE PIGEONS at The Big Thrill,
and on Thursday, Jan. 6, I’ll be a guest blogger at Working Stiffs talking about how time is handled by writers of a series. There are also some give-aways of the book planned at the Big Thrill and the Book Bitch, and that’s just now on the first day. I think Dixie is going to have a blast with this new book. I know I am.


13 thoughts on “Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons

  1. Just finished reading “Catsitter among the Pigeons” really enjoyed it. When will all your other books about Dixie be available on Kindle? I have had my Kindle over 2 years now and anxiously await any new books by my favorite authors. I notice there are several of yours that are ot yet available on Kindle. Please, please may we have them soon?

    Thanks for the enjoyment I receive from your books.


    • I hope it won’t be long before all the Dixie books are on Kindle, Georgia. While you wait, you might enjoy a new book of mine that is on Kindle. It’s a historic romantic adventure novel that I wrote under the name of Lee Silvey so it wouldn’t be confused with the Dixie Hemingway mysteries. Lee Silvey was my mother’s name, and I’ve always wanted to honor her by writing a book under her name. The book is titled Dance of the Moon Daughter, and it’s a story about love between people from different cultures. If you read it, please let me know what you think, good or bad.

  2. Thanks for the notation about local book signings. I’ve been watching the local paper to see when you’d be at Circle Books or B&N.

    It certainly has been cold this winter again. Too cold. Who hijacked the warm air? My husband keeps telling northern friends to close the door!

    Hope you stay warm and dry with a purring kitty beside you.

    • Thanks, Sandie. I’ll make it to Circle next month, I hope. As soon as it’s sunny and warm every day. I’ve been in Florida long enough now to become a popsicle if the temperature goes below 60 degrees.

  3. Just finished “Catsitter Among the Pigeons.” It was terrific, as usual. I finished it in two days (my children were out of school for MLK holiday so I had to hide). A bittersweet accomplishment in that now I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

    I am a volunteer at the local SPCA and I always learn something new from Dixie about caring for our cats and dogs before they go on to their fovever family!

  4. I must make 2 confessions—one, in spite of being a librarian, I love books that have happy endings. two—I almost always peek at the end to see if it’s happy. I did just that at a bookstore the other day with your newest “dixie” book (I love those books—used to live in FL. Can enjoy your word pictures).

    Unfortunately, the ending I read did not make me happy romantically. I won’t spoil anything, but wonder if you can tell me if happiness will eventually reign in that romance?

    • I love happy endings too, Shirley. But every life has its ups and downs and sometimes people have to make hard choices on the way to finding true love. Dixie is a real person…well, you know what I mean. She’s growing and becoming stronger all the time. She grows a lot in this last book.

      I’m so sorry about the web problem! It’s being worked on.

  5. You may call your newest book “Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons” but I have rechristened it “AAAAAHH!” At Christmas, I was given a Kindle; did not ask for it, did not desire it, but now I have it. The empty cover so lightweight on one side with the Kindle/battery heavy on the other side make it feel unbalanced. It has been dropped more than once. Feeling as though I were reading a cell phone, I turned the text sideways (more like a page width) which made it some better but only slightly. Bedtime reading is difficult (light is excellent BTW) as my arms tire, long before my eyes or brain, from holding it up high enough to read when in a horizontal position; plus the cover hanging down when the text is sideways is constantly an irritant. In all my life, I have never once left a book behind as I rushed from place to place. Twice I have forgotten my “new reading technology” and only banner honesty, of the humans finding it, has kept it from being gone forever! Since I have every volume of Dixie Hemingway on the shelf, I could not bring myself to download this current one. I walked into Barnes & Noble and as soon as I saw the cover, there was a flutter in my stomach. I walked over and picked up the book creating a tingle in my spine and without warning, an AAAAAHH escaped my lips. The AAAAAHH resurfaced when I removed the book from the bag at home and every time I picked it up to read. Usually, I devour your books but I put myself on a strict diet with this one — reading slower, in smaller increments and savoring not only another grand adventure with Dixie but delighting in the feel of having a real book in my hands again. I AAAAAHH’d all the way to the end. You did a splendid job on Pigeons. I loved it. Blaize, you keep getting better and better. I questioned the ending for a nanosecond but after thinking about it, I know Dixie’s head and heart are in the right place. Thanks for a truly AAAAAHH experience. P.S. I will be downloading your Lee Silvey book to soothe my Kindle gift giver.

    • Your description of the klunkiness of reading an ebook is a true book-lover’s reaction, Sandy. I haven’t been able to read an e-book in bed yet, either. But at the doctor’s office the other day, I saw a woman with a Kindle in the waiting room and she was chuckling as she read. My son has an iPad that he loves for books. I suppose we’ll sort it out and use e-readers for some books and paper books for others. I hope you like the book I wrote as Lee Silvey. And understand why I wrote it under another name.

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